SES Conference San Francisco 2012

On August 15, 2012 Phloy attended the SES Conference in San Francisco at the Moscone Center. As stated on the website, “SES Conference & Expo provides marketing professionals, brand advertisers, agencies, and business leaders with the knowledge and tools needed to traverse the dynamic digital landscape.”

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We had several reasons for attending the SES Conference, although the main objective was to capture coverage (photos, video, audio) for Channel IT in Korea. Channel IT is the only Technology channel in Korea that covers anything relevant to new technologies around the world.

 In order to achieve sufficient coverage, we interviewed at least ten different booths at the Expo Hall including Bing, OMI, Visistat, Blekko and Majestic SEO. Each booth had something interesting to teach us or demonstrate to us their computer screen. Each company was passionate to take the time to show us a one-on-one tutorial and explain why they were at the SES Conference on Wednesday.

 Bing, SES, San Francisco, Phloy

Another reason Phloy attended was to gain personal education to benefit the company. We learned information regarding SEO (search engine optimization), website tracking systems (programs to observe visitor stats), website plug-ins and spam free search engine platforms.

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Throughout the day we also attended as many educational sessions as we could. “Activating the Social-Search Dynamic”, “SEO tools of the trade” and “Generate More Pinterest: Getting the Most from the New Kid on the Social Block” were some of the speeches we attended. During these sessions we learned about indexing, competitive analysis, on-page optimization, social search strategy and social marketing. Each panel had CEOs and VPs from well-known companies from all over. After each session had ended we took the time to interview one speaker on the panel and get to know them. We recorded each interview session and documented with cameras.  Some of the speakers even took us to their booths in the expo halls to tell us more about their company.

 Channel IT, Korea, SES, interview, Phloy, conference, broadcasting, San Francisco

Overall, we attained ample amounts of information at the expo hall and met several professionals that helped broaden our knowledge. At the end of the conference, we had a live broadcast session with Channel IT in Korea and were featured on their website.

Channel IT, Korea, SES, interview, Phloy, conference, broadcasting, San Francisco, SweetIQ

 We took away many useful tips, facts, and new programs that we want to share with the public. What we learned with Bing is that it can be useful to have a Facebook login in order to create an easy login. This also benefits the user because they can see what their Facebook friends are viewing and what everyone is searching on Bing. This also provides the user with a familiarity and a sense of multi-tasking with Facebook and the website of choice.  We learned that many of the booths that we visited have a Facebook connect through tool that they are selling to the public. Adding social media plugins can be helpful and beneficial to any company.

A second take away from the SES Conference focused on the success of Pinterest and how it came to be such a hit in the social media world. One of the reasons Pinterest has a high success rate is because it takes the attention off of who we are online and focuses on who we wish to be. Pinterest draws viewer’s attention to artsy DIY decorations, eye-catching visuals and things that people desire to have. The most popular content on Pinterest thus far consists of fashion, decorating ideas, DIY projects and inspirations for weddings. The numbers show that 60% of users talking about Pinterest are in the U.S. and that 60% of Pinterest users are women. The age of these women using Pinterest are between of 25 to 34. 30% of users favorite postings are recipe related due to vivid images that catch the user’s eye. Pinterest is still in its early stages of popularity, with being two years old and has a long future ahead.