Huge Nerf War


The Gizmodo Gallery Reader Meetup Will Be a Huge Nerf War

Man, we love you guys. Without our readers, Gizmodo would be nothing, which is why we’ve got a very special Nerf party planned for the Reader Meetup at Gizmodo Gallery. Come. Hang out. Shoot my sorry face.

On Wednesday 12/7, the gallery will be open just like every other day—the Santa Claw will by spitting out prizes, and we’ll be showing off all of the coolest gadgets of the year.

But at 9pm, the gallery will explode into a a melee of Nerf discs. The first 40 readers to arrive at the gallery will be given FREE NERF BLASTERS. And if you think the Giz staff are just going to stand there while you shoot at us, you are gravely mistaken. We’re gonna be strapped with guns too, fools, and we know how to use the things—we use them everyday around the office as a matter of course.

In all seriousness, though, you should show up even if a Nerf War isn’t exactly your steez. We’ll all be hanging out, and we’d be psyched if you just stopped by to say hello. There will be cool people, music, and yes of course, more pancakes than you could ever conceivable want to eat.

Oh, and show up early because only the first 100 people who show up get in. Sorry, but we’re a small staff—if we let too many of you guys in, we won’t stand a chance against your numbers.