Non-Profit Organization For Child Hunger

“Dniprovskiy svitoch” is a charity organization in the county of Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. The organization was created in order to help children in need with the least protection and support. The non-profit and non-governmental organization has two primary projects. The first project includes, “creating a food pantry for homeless and abused children, kids from low-income families.” The second project is, “building a shelter and a free clinic for anyone who is without a place to stay or in need of help.”

 This Russian organization reached out to PHLOY because they were interested in our design style and the fact that we have graphic design experience. We were interested in this particular organization because we were compelled to help out non-profit organizations with no funding that related to child hunger and human rights.

 The organization presented PHLOY with a project of designing banners and posters for an event to be held on October 7-9, 2012. The event is the organization’s first countywide charity festival. The goal of the event is to raise awareness about the work that the organization does, collect donations and strengthen the children’s food pantry. During the event there will be ten musical ensembles from all over Ukraine, with an award ceremony at the end for best performance. The banners and posters that we created for this festival contain basic information (location and festivities) for the event.

 Our philosophy when designing this was to attract the attention of viewers and outside public. We wanted our banners and posters to replicate the style of a concert poster or old school movie poster. The colors chosen for this design were based off of the logo colors of the organization. Using the colors in the logo on the poster or banner background would tie it all together and make it look like a cohesive advertisement. The challenge when designing this project was making it look creative and compelling to the public. There were specific words that had to be printed on the design that explained the event information clearly. We had to place the wording and logo in an eye catching and innovative manner.

 PHLOY is aiming to continue working with non-profit organizations in order to help out important causes in the nation that have little to no funding. We are able to apply our high level of skill set, whether it is graphic design, web design or logo design, and provide our services to organizations that need help.